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Our dedicated team is well across all the ins and outs that will make your tailored Instagram strategy successful. We are also across the pitfalls and avoidable mistakes that are easily made when you’re new to the platform, so you’ll already be starting ahead with our management services.
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Nick Bell

Nick Bell


Nick is a university drop out who collaborates with and hires VERY smart people. With only $350 in start-up capital to launch his first digital agency, Nick has grown his personal fortune to $274 million and is listed on the AFR Rich List.

He now runs 12 agencies globally (in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, Panama and the Middle East) that specialise in digital marketing, reputation management and digital transformation.

He has just launched Lisnic, a game change platform that connects Mentees and Mentors globally. If you want an edge in the business world, mentoring is the way to get it.

Byron Redhead

Byron Redhead


Byron has over 20 years of marketing experience starting in South Africa from the young age of 17 where he was responsible for the marketing of his mothers pottery business. His passion for marketing was ignited as soon as one of his marketing campaigns generated a $50,000 order from the other side of the world in Australia that ended up helping save his mothers business.

Byron has been part of the First Page group for just over 6 and a half years and originally started his journey as an Account Manager. Within his first three years, he worked his way through the ranks and was offered an opportunity to move to Hong Kong and run the First Page office as a General Manager.

When Byron arrived in Hong Kong in June 2018, First Page Hong Kong had a headcount of 17 staff and by the time he left in March 2021, Hong Kong’s headcount grew to 50 members. This growth was still achieved in light of 6 persistent months of intense political unrest that led to daily protests from June 2019 to January 2020, followed directly by the pandemic. First Page was heavily affected by the protests and business started slowing down dramatically. 

In light of the changing circumstances, Byron focused on pivoting the business by focusing on hiring A-grade talent, building a solid culture, installing stronger leadership across all departments and tightening up processes that directly contributed towards increases in the company’s overall productivity and efficiency which in turn led to a significant increase in the value that was able to be demonstrated to clients. 

The reduction of inbound enquiries during the protests forced him to think outside the box and construct a disruptive offer with a strong marketing hook designed to capture the attention of a market where confidence was at an all time low. The unique offer gave First Page a competitive edge that led to a strong increase in inbound leads. This gave First Page Hong Kong enough momentum to achieve a record sales year in 2020. By the final quarter of 2020, First Page Hong Kong ended up becoming the fastest growing, most profitable agency in the group.

In light of First Page Hong Kong’s success, Byron was offered the opportunity to step up again and move back to Melbourne to become a partner and start a First Page in Australia. The Australia office has grown to 20+ staff in its first 4 months of operation.

Fei Bell

Fei Bell


After 9 years in banking, Fei became the CFO/COO of a group of digital marketing agencies in the Asia Pacific region. Over the past 4 years, she has managed over 400 employees alongside the management team.

In her role as the group CFO, Fei is responsible for all the major financial decisions relating to investment, budget management, cost benefit analysis, and financial forecasting for the group. She also oversees the overall financial sustainability of the group companies. She successfully led the biggest digital marketing agency sale in Australia in 2017.

Being the group COO, Fei measures effectiveness and efficiency of operational processes. She implemented policies and procedures that promote company customer retention and assisted the group founder opening a new office in Thailand. She also established the appropriate organizational structure for the group. She mentors and evaluates the performance of all the general managers of the group.

She is analytical and logical and makes decisions based on facts and figures. She leads by example and respects and cares for her staff, but at the same time, she pushes them to succeed. If she believes in someone, she gives it all to help them to pursue their dreams.