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Our dedicated team is well across all the ins and outs that will make your tailored Instagram strategy successful. We are also across the pitfalls and avoidable mistakes that are easily made when you’re new to the platform, so you’ll already be starting ahead with our management services.
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Nicolas Ernst

Nicolas Ernst

Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Nicolas Ernst, co-founder and Head of Operations at First Page Austria, brings a rich background in content marketing and web development to his current role. His journey into the marketing sphere truly began with the founding of a content marketing and PR agency in 2021, an endeavor that deepened his expertise and set a solid foundation for his leadership at First Page.

Since launching the First Page Germany office in the beginning of 2024, Nicolas has played a critical role in expanding the company’s services across borders. His unique blend of skills has been pivotal in driving operational strategies in Austria while simultaneously overseeing the establishment of operations in Germany. Nicolas’s commitment to integrating innovative digital marketing solutions with traditional business needs has positioned First Page to empower SMEs in both Austria and Germany. His vision for leveraging digital tools to create growth opportunities showcases his dedication to excellence and his ability to transform challenges into success, making him together with First Page a key figure in the digital marketing industry across Central Europe.

Victor Jove

Victor Jove

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Victor Jove, co-founder and Managing Director of First Page Austria, is a visionary in digital marketing and IT. With over four years of experience, Victor has established himself as an expert in leveraging database management for impactful PR campaigns, laying the foundation for First Page Austria with Nicolas Ernst and Nick Bell in March 2023.

His mission is to simplify the digital marketing landscape for SMEs, offering smart solutions that support not only lead acquisition but also after-sales engagement. FP AT’s approach is distinguished by customized strategies, ensuring each business's unique needs are met with precision and innovation. Under his leadership, First Page Austria aims to empower businesses of all sizes to navigate the digital world, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth. Victor's commitment to excellence and his holistic view of client support have made him a key figure in Austria's digital marketing scene.

He is also instrumental in the development of the First Page Germany office, expanding the company’s innovative digital marketing solutions across borders.