With more than 20 years experience in sales and digital marketing management, Marc is a prominent figure in the digital landscape of New Zealand. As the General Manager of First Page NZ, Marc's leadership is characterised by his unwavering passion for empowering businesses through cutting-edge digital strategies. 

Throughout his career in online marketing, he has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and he has a proven track record, assisting hundreds of Kiwi businesses to thrive online. Marc is highly regarded for his ability to blend traditional marketing wisdom with innovative and unconventional thinking. He firmly believes in providing tailor-made solutions, recognising that each business has unique needs that require a personalised approach. His strategies not only rely on intuition but are also supported by thorough analysis and a profound understanding of digital trends. 

At First Page NZ, Marc's mission is to continue spearheading digital marketing innovation. His ultimate goal is to enable businesses of all sizes in New Zealand to leverage the potential of the digital world, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and success.